FAQ about AirAllé

AirAllé™ is a patented medical device developed by entomologist Dr. Dale Clayton, exclusively used by the Lice Clinics.
The AirAllé device kills both lice and nits through a unique dehydration process.
Lice have a flat body, causing them to quickly lose their own bodily fluids.
AirAllé delivers the exact right temperature, amount, and precise distribution of airflow, effectively drying out the entire life cycle.

When handled by a certified professional, AirAllé always kills all nits, regardless of the severity and duration of the infestation.
In most cases, AirAllé also eliminates all lice.
To ensure all lice are killed, we follow up with an oil treatment. This oil treatment is pesticide-free, based on highly flowing silicones that block the louse's respiratory passages, causing it to suffocate. Both the oil and AirAllé treatment are entirely safe for health, scalp, and hair, for people of all ages.

Each Lice Clinic practitioner undergoes extensive training, structured checks, and certification to ensure an effective and correctly executed AirAllé treatment.
The effectiveness of AirAllé is scientifically proven in a published clinical study, but the tens of thousands of treatments performed worldwide each year with overwhelming success surpass any clinical study.

Before the treatment:

  • Hair and scalp must be clean and free of grease, dirt, and hair products.
  • Hair and scalp must be dry.
  • Hair must be completely tangle-free.
  • No jewelry around the neck or in the ears.
  • Wear an old white T-shirt during the treatment.

Upon scheduling an appointment, you will receive a document by email detailing the precautions to be taken. It is crucial to follow these closely to ensure the treatment can proceed successfully.

After the treatment:

The oil needs to be washed out at home and in case of the Budget treatment, it is advisable to remove the dead nits, most effectively with our Comb Kit.

The Premium and Budget Treatment, which includes the AirAllé treatment as well as the oil treatment and optional combing treatment, ensures the elimination of all lice and nits.
There is no need for any additional treatment at home in order to kill anything.

However, we recommend a weekly combing for the purpose of screening, using our Lice Clinic Comb Kit to quickly detect any potential reinfestation, especially during the first two weeks after the treatment, during which you are still eligible for a re-treatment at a reduced rate.
We demonstrate our unique combing method during the treatment, allowing you to easily and effectively comb to identify and address future lice infestations.

It is safe for everyone, including pregnant women and young children. However, it may not be suitable for some individuals who may be sensitive to warm (it is not hot) temperatures:

  • Children under 4 years old, as they may move away impulsively from the device when feeling the warm temperature, resulting in reduced effectiveness.
  • People with significant open wounds on the head.
  • People who have undergone head radiation in the past 6 months.
  • People with metal implants in the skull.
  • People that are incapable of feeling- or communicating any discomfort or pain.

People with uncombable hair, like hair with weaves, cornrows, or extensions can be treated with a high succes rate, although not with a guaranteed result, because the air may not optimally reach between the hair. Therefor the possibility of missing some nits or lice exists.
Additionally, we cannot apply the combing treatment in such cases.

It is nothing more than warm air, more safe even than a hairdryer.
The constant, controlled temperature of 58.8 degrees is too low to burn or damage the skin or hair. 

Every Lice Clinic Europe practitioner is certified, ensuring a correct, safe, and effective treatment.
In our entire treatment no pesticides or harmful substances are used, and it is therefor harmless for the scalp, hair, and health.

There are three significant differences that make AirAllé™ effective and safe compared to a hairdryer:
1. To dry out a head louse and nit, every part of the scalp must be treated for 30 seconds. Using a hairdryer is not possible without burning the scalp. AirAllé™ provides a controlled constant temperature of 58.8 degrees, much lower than a hairdryer.
2. The airflow from a hairdryer is too low to effectively reach every head louse and nit. AirAllé™ has three times higher airflow.
3. A hairdryer blows the hair in all directions, blocking the airflow itself. AirAllé™ has a unique, patented application tip that guides the warm air along the hair shaft, directly targeting nits and head lice.

Thanks to our AirAllé treatment in combination with our oil treatment, which is always performed by a certified practitioner, all nits and all lice are always killed with absolute guarantee.
With the Premium Treatment, we also apply our unique Comb Method, removing around 99% of killed lice and nits.
This means there can always be some dead nits left behind!
They no longer hatch and will fall out automatically after a while due to the drying effect of our device on the glue of the nit.

However, the risk of reinfestation is always present, especially for children attending school or with active social lives, and of course, for parents of school-going children. Therefore, we offer a guarantee policy for two weeks after the treatment, during which you are entitled to a one-time (re)treatment at 50% of the treatment's price if you find a louse in the hair within those two weeks.

The following conditions apply:

• Valid for up to 2 weeks after the treatment.
• All household members have been checked and, if necessary, treated at home or in the clinic using the Lice Clinic Method.
• You have sent a clear photo of the louse via email for verification. Instructions on how to check according to our method and clearly capture found lice in photos, can be found in the video on our Diagnosis page.
• You have followed the precautions for the treatment.
• The treated person has cooperated sufficiently during the treatment, allowing us to perform a complete and correct treatment."

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